Tibetan singing bowls are ancient and sacred instruments. Their rich tones create powerful and divine frequencies that represent the divine/supreme consciousness and the vibration of OM.

The sounds and vibrations the bowls make when played are deeply relaxing; they move through the body like ripples in water. This allows the body to release stuck stagnant and blocked energies from the physical, emotional and etherial bodies.

The Singing Bowls are placed and played around the body. They are the best method to create a deeply meditative state, especially for those that do not have a regular meditation practice. The bowls do all the work- all you need to do is relax.

While the experience is different for everyone, most people feel a sense of peace, calm and relaxation after a therapy session with the bowls. Note: Tibetan Singing Bowls does not replace traditional medical treatment, but is an excellent complement.

40 minute private session: $55 or $133 for three (3) sessions pre-paid

Group Healing Sessions - $155 for one hour

This guided group meditation is an excellent addition for Yoga Studios, or get together a group in your home.

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