The energy of Reiki is called Universal Life Force Energy. It is the non-physical energy which creates and maintains a balanced and healthy mind, body, spirit and world. 

Reiki is around you and within you; it vibrates within the Earth and within water, and it descends from the Heavens. 

When energy is blocked, it creates imbalance and a sense of dis-ease.

Reiki treatment transfers Universal Life Force Energy from the practitioner's palms, to the client. Most clients feel deep relaxation, a slower heart rate, and deeper breathing.


Reiki focuses on balancing the body's chakras/energetic centers. Most clients begin to feel the affects of Reiki after one treatment, while others experience increased benefits after multiple treatments. 


Reiki is non-invasive and an excellent companion to any other treatment, whether holistic or medical. 


Exchange: $80 for one-hour session


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