Crystal healing is a vibrational, energy-based healing modality that uses crystals and stones (like quartz and amethyst) to align and energize a client's physical, emotional and ethereal body.


Crystal healing is deeply relaxing and can help align and/or release stuck emotional energies. During a healing session, you will experience stress release and deep relaxation.


Each crystal is hand selected for your session; each session can be very different and may feel different depending upon what is going on in your physical, emotional and ethereal bodies. Each crystal has a unique set of properties which are chosen to align your chakras.

Exchange :   $80 for 60 minute session.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes to your healing session.

Note: Crystal Healing/Energy Work is not in place of a physicians visit. If you are sick, please visit your medical doctor or call 911 in case of emergency 


Are you interested in working with crystals but aren't sure which crystals are right for you? Perhaps you feel overwhelmed when trying to select a stone- there are so many to choose from! How do you know what's "right"?

The science behind how and why crystals work is fascinating. Crystalicious offers workshops that discuss:

  • the science behind how and why crystals work

  • introduction to how to work with stones

  • corresponding stones to different parts of the body

  • master "families" of crystals and stones

We're available to host a workshop at our location or yours. This is perfect for yoga studios, salt caves, holistic centers, and more.

Two hour workshops include a 7-9 stone Chakra set for each attendee to take home,

Call 917-776-6680 for a consultative quote and to reserve your workshop today.

CALL US:917-776-6680
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