While crystal, sound and reiki healing modalities all stand alone in their own right, there is something absolutely magical that happens when all three therapies are combined.

Crystalicious has perfected an integrative session, combining all three healing modalities into one.

First, ancient Tibetan singing bowls are used to guide the client into a deeply relaxed, meditative state. This is crucial as it allows clients to more fully integrate the vibrations of the crystals and the reiki energy.

After a 10-15 minute sound meditation, crystals are placed on and around the body. Each crystal combination is custom to each client and chosen to best align energy centers.

Once the crystals are placed, reiki energy is then directed into the body and through the crystals. This infuses the client with both Life Force Energy and more fully aides in the integration of the crystals' energetic frequencies.

To seal the treatment, an aura cleansing and strengthening is conducted using the Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Combination sessions are between 60-75 minutes long.

Exchange: $80 for one session

Note: Crystal Healing/Energy Work is not in place of a physicians visit. If you are sick, please visit your medical doctor or call 911 in case of emergency

CALL US:917-776-6680
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